The Victory Ritual is commenced when a member of the Court of the Golden Orb successfully completes a Salmon. The Ritual may be commenced when a member has successfully completed a Swordfish, Hammerhead, or El Toro, however, is not required. The Ritual is only required for successful Salmons. Details for the Ritual can be found here, only translatable by Members of the Court.

†å˚´ ∫ø†˙ ˙å˜∂ß åƒ†´® ߨçç´ß߃¨¬ ß嬵ø˜≤ ß∑ø®∂ƒˆß˙≤ ˙åµµ´®˙´å∂≤ ø® ´¬ †ø®ø≥ ø˜ç´ ∂ø˜´≤ †å˚´ ∫ø†˙ å®µß å˜∂ ƒ¬åˆ¬ å®ø¨˜∂ å∫ø√´ ¥ø¨® ˙´å∂≥ ∂øˆ˜© †˙ˆß ∑˙ˆ¬´ †å˚ˆ˜© ¬´©ß å˜∂ ∆ø©©ˆ˜© ˆ˜ π¬åç´≥ ∑˙ˆ¬´ çøµµ´˜çˆ˜© †˙ˆß≤ ¥ø¨ µ¨ß† ßç®´åµ †˙´ øøøøˆˆˆˆ ßø˜©≥ †˙ˆß ∑ˆ¬¬ çå¨ß´ ¥ø¨ †ø ˙√´ ∫¬´ß߈˜©ß ƒø® ¬ˆƒ´≥ ø˜ç´ ∂ø˜´ ƒø® ™º–£º ß´çø˜∂ß≤ ¥ø¨ µå¥ ߆øπ≤ ß∑ˆ†ç˙ †ø †®ø¬ø¬ø¬ ßø˜©≤ ˙´¥å¥´¥å¥å¥å´ ßø˜©≤ ø® ß∑ˆ†ç˙ †ø å ¬ø¨∂ ßç®´åµ≥ ߆øππˆ˜© ¨ˆµµ´∂ˆå†´¬¥ ∑ˆ¬¬ ߆øπ ¥ø¨® ∫¬´ß߈˜©ß ∑˙´®´ß çø˜†ˆ˜¨ˆ˜© †˙´ ßø˜© µå≈ˆµˆΩ´ß ¥ø¨® ß嬵ø˜ˆ˜© å∫ˆ¬ˆ†ˆ´ß≥ †˙´ çø¨®† ø∫ß´®√´ß å† å¬¬ †ˆµ´ß ˜∂ ®´∑å®∂ß ƒåˆ†˙ƒ¨¬ ß´®√嘆ß≥

Although the text is slightly missing parts, a member can assume what is needed to be done.