Snaking is a fan-made wannabe method of salmoning. Snaking is mentioned in the Book of the Golden Orb once. Although the book has been lost, some things may be assumed about it:

Snaking can only be performed when one has long sleeves on. Simply cover your entire arm, including the hand, with the sleeve. From there, you may choose to swordfish, salmon, or hammerhead any person in the fishing net position. Once done, allow victim to capture sleeve-covered hand. When captured, simply slide hand out of sleeve, under jacket, sweater, or other such long-sleeved article of clothing and say "Snaky!" When performed, one may choose to fake the victim out by saying the originally done method of salmoning, swordfishing, or hammerheading. However, it is not required. Snaking is a method of purity, only members of the Court may properly perform it as it is classified as level FCMO-A1.