The Pit of Judgement is the most severe and harsh punishment issued by the High Council of the Golden Orb. The Pit is much like that of Tartarus, deep, unending, and dark. Those sent here are never seen again. There are approximately 665 people residing in the pit. Their moans and cries of agony are heard constantly.

People in the Pit of JudgementEdit

Only the name of 1 person residing here is known: Neil Wycoff, his codename. His real name is uncertain but we've heard it to be ∑ˆ¬¬ˆåµ ߨ®¥å∆å¥å. (Text translatable by Members of the Court) His case was taken up by the High Council on January 26, 2011. 2 Victims of Frontal Salmoning testified and he was found guilty. The court issued his punishment immediately and he has not been heard from since.