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The Court of the Golden Orb (CGO) is a religious cult created by Eugene P. Hardin on October 11, 1998. This cult practices the art of Salmoning, El Toro, and many other methods within the Realm of Salmoning.


On December 1, 1998, Eugene P. Hardin along with 11 other unknown men, discovered an ancient text describing the Golden Orb and its illustrious qualities while reasearching in Venice, Italy. This text is now known as the Book of the Golden Orb. This book described many rituals and methods, all considered now the Realm of Salmoning. It also described many rules for doing so. After diligently reading this book, he created the Court of the Golden Orb on December 18th of the same year.

Golden OrbEdit

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The Court of the Golden Orb is named after the Golden Orb, the ancient orb lost during the Fourth Crusade.


Members of this group believe Eugene P. Hardin is a divine diety who will lead them to the High Lord's Realm of Salmoning (not to be confused with the Realm of Salmoning, which pertains to all actions described in the Book of the Golden Orb). Members of this court are obsessed with all things in the Realm of Salmoning, practicing them everyday. After successfuly performing a Salmon, they must perform the Victory Ritual. If not performed correctly, or not done at all, they will be subject to the judgement of the High Council of the Golden Orb. Punishment could be as little as nothing, or as severe as the Pit of Judgement. If members of this cult follow the Rules of Salmoning, they belive they will be delivered to the High Lord's Realm of Salmoning. If you are a non-member of the Court, you may do anything within the Realm of Salmoning. However you must follow the Rules of Salmoning (non-member standards).



The Court of the Golden Orb currently consists of around 2,759 members and growing. Eugene P. Hardin is the only confirmed member. Rarely people proclaim their involvement in the Court, and whenever they do, they do so anonymously.